Windmill Facts - Information about Wind Power and Windmills

Windmills are very important technical inventions that became very popular in Middle Ages when they enabled our ancestors to harness the power of the wind and use that power to power various types of machines. Facts about windmills cover many interesting topics that range about interesting factoids about their history, their constructions, types of sails they used and many other things that will surely surprise you.

Picture Of Rural Windmill

Interesting Facts about Windmills

Windmills have been with us for a really long time, enabling them to play an important role in development of our modern industry and way of life. Here you can read many interesting factoids about windmills, their history and their interactions with us.

Picture Of Windmill Silhouette

Types of Windmills

Technology for creating modern windmills is over a thousand years old, and because of such long history of development, modern windmills come in many shapes and forms. Here you can get informed about various types of windmills.

Picture Of Windmill Sail

Windmill Sail Types

One of the most important parts of windmill is the sail that is catching wind and absorbing the energy of its movement. To best utilize the potential of the wind, many types of sails were created and used on windmills over the last 1000 years.

Picture Of Wind Water Pump Windmill Turbine